about sassytoll.com

  • use your Live ID, Google, Yahoo, Facebook to login
  • quick, simple and easy to use
  • send cheap sms online
  • send cheap texts to any network
  • Free Credit When You Sign Up (See Terms)
  • send picture messages
  • send sms, text, mms from internet explorer, firefox, safari, chrome
  • send cheap sms, texts, mms from windows phone, i-Phone, android
  • you DO NOT need a windows phone, i-Phone or android to use this service
  • your messages, data, phone number, family, friends details are kept 100% private. (See privacy statement)
  • your phone will NOT be charged for this service
  • send up to 470 characters per message
  • 90% of messages are delivered within 10 seconds
  • easy To add family, friends, facebook, twitter etc
  • replied messages come direct to your phone for FREE
  • Send SMS, Text, MMS Online

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www.SassyToll.com is a Worldwide SMS/Text service powered by Windows® Azure™.

With SassyToll you can send SMS / Texts Worldwide, to any network. You can contact your friends and family both at home and aboard. 90% of the time, SMS are delivered within 10 seconds to any network Worldwide. And the best thing is when your family or friends reply to your message; you will receive the SMS / Text direct to your phone, at no cost to you!

SassyToll was developed to run on Microsoft® Windows®  Azure™ , and uses the latest state of the art technology to protect your data and information. SassyToll, are a Microsoft® Windows® Azure™ Development Company, based in Ireland and a Microsoft® BizSpark™ Member.